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The Journal of Internal Korean Medicine > Volume 24(3); 2003 > Article
The Journal of Internal Korean Medicine 2003;24(3): 465-476.
청열습사간탕이 Helper T 세포 면역조절에 미치는 영향
Effects of Chongryulgoesoopsagan-tang(CRGSSGT) on Immune Response of Helper T Cell
Jae-Woo Park, Jin-Sung Kim, Sang-Hyub Yoon, Bong-Ha Ryu, Ki-Won Ryu
Department of the 3rd Internal Medicine, College of Oriental Medicine, Kyung-Hee University
Correspondence  Jae-Woo Park ,Tel: 02-958-9140, Fax: 02-958-9136, Email: pjw2907@hanmail.net
  Published online: September 30, 2003.
Helper T cell plays a important role in human immune system. Especially, it can control various immune response by producing many cytokines like IFN- , IL-4, IL-2 and etc. INF- is, produced by Th1 cell, mainly associated with delayed type hypersensitivity responses and providing protection against intracellular pathogen and viruses. IL-4 is, produced by Th2 cell, mainly associated with helping to B cell and eradiating helminthes and other extra cellular parasites. CRGSSGT is an oriental herbal medication, which has been successfully used in Korea for treatment and management of allergy, autoimmune diseases and several skin lesions.

Methods and Results :
In this study, we intended to investigate effects of CRGSSGT on Th subsets(Th1, Th2). The level of intracellular cytokine is highest at 2 / in CRGSSGT containing medium. Using real-time PCR analysis, the expression of mRNA for IL-4 is downregulated and that of IFN- , IL-2 is upregulated in CD4 T cells. Flow cytometry reveals that the level of IL-4 is dominantly decreased and that of IFN- is increased. Finally using real-time PCR analysis at skewed state, the expression of mRNA for IL-4 is dominantly downregulated and that of IFN- , T-bet, GATA-3 is upregulated.

The results suggest that CRGSSGT potentiate Th1 cell and decrease the development of Th2 cell at the same time, which could be assumed to be beneficial for allergy and immune enforcement.
Key words: Chongryulgoesoopsagan-tang(Qingrequshixiegan-tang), Th1 cells, Th2 cells, Interleukin-4(IL-4), Interferongamma(IFN- )
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